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It's a mouthful, but I think I've pinned down (no pun intended!) the style of the new house. Check out my favorite inspirational images from around the web!

I love this exterior from Becki Owens, especially the contrast of black window casings against the light stone!

Also from Becki Owens (because she's amazing!), I just love the combination of crisp white, black windows, warm natural wood, and balance of rounded forms (chairs and arches) and geometric lines (table and window panels). And those pendant lights!

I came across this little gem on Pinterest (do you follow me yet? I'm obsessed!), but couldn't track down the source. I love black houses, although this one definitely skews heavy on the mid century modern.

This entry by Rafe Churchill really helped me solidify the look and feel I wanted for the new house, and proved that modern farmhouse and mid century modern Scandinavian can be done!

Spending time outdoors is a huge priority for us, and since this house won't have a fireplace inside, this image from Moller Architecture really sparked (ha!) some great outdoor living room ideas that I'm tucking away in my future plans.

Obviously at this point, it's clear that a combination of light brick and black window casings are in order. This one, also by Becki Owens, is so good!

Another example of striking pointed roofs, white brick, and dark casings, by Domain Development. The wood paneling on this one skews it a bit more mountain lodge.

I absolutely love the blue shutters against the black and white backdrop on this Italian country house, courtesy of Bloglovin'. We definitely are incorporating those in our plans as well!

I love so many elements here -- cement tile, Scandinavian fireplace, and lush greenery a la Amber Thrane will definitely be happening.

This gorgeous house by architect Peter Block is a total curve ball and makes me want to go back to the drawing boards! (just kidding...kinda) I love the rustic brick,arched entry, and of course the climbing vines!

White oak flooring and crisp white walls like these from Kelly Nutt Design are so beautiful, timeless, and are the perfect backdrop for texture and pattern!

Any other Scandinavian//mid century mod//modern farmhouse examples I've missed? Share below! And follow me on Pinterest for even more #inspo!


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