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Every year since I can remember, Thanksgiving coincided with my grandfather's birthday so my grandparents usually hosted dinner. I can't say it's "Thanksgiving with all the trimmings," but if you always wanted to know how a Thanksgiving meal looks like with a Russian twist, you'd be in luck. Think: turkey embellished with apples, quince, orange, fresh roses (true story!), lots of marinated/pickled sides, meat-stuffed blintzes, gefilte fish, Olivier salad, Vinaigrette salad, and maybe even holodetz if you're really lucky. I'll give you a moment to Google that last one for a sec ;)

When I was younger, I would feel sort of embarrassed to admit this to my peers and felt like I was missing out on what everyone else was talking about, but I've learned to embrace our tradition, and actually realized (when I was way older!) that our Russian style meal is way better than the "traditional" Thanksgiving foods. Sorry if I'm offending anyone here.

Anyway, on the years that Thanksgiving doesn't fall around my grandfather's birthday (like this year), my parents usually host it on the following day since we pretty much have a Thanksgiving meal every week on shabbat. Shabbat lasts from sunset on Friday evening until sunset Saturday night, and is characterized by an overabundant meal with multiple courses, lots of guests, often times singing, and general merriment. The only thing that's different is that this time the turkey takes center stage.

So, since this year our Thursday is open, I wanted to start a new tradition and host a Friendsgiving. Sadly, as per usual I only thought of this a few days prior to the event and discovered that almost all of our friends already had plans. So instead of a huge soiree we're having an intimate supper with a few close friends, which I'm really happy about. It'll be a low-key, relaxing gathering with good wine and good conversation (those two always go together, no?). So here I am now, planning my table setting and menu a day in advance, and actually not freaking out completely. If you're like me and also in need of some last minute tablescape inspiration, feast your eyes on these that I've styled below while you prepare for the real feast just a short day away!


The homespun feel of this tablescape feels classic yet of the moment, with handcrafted stoneware dishes and rustic wood slice chargers. The matte black flatware tie in with the candle holders and work like eye liner in the neutral palette, and the mint green pops add some refreshing color.


This one might be my favorite, and closest to what my own table will look like since I have the tablecloth version of this runner. The geometric dishes and asymmetrical candelabra make the setting less formal, and the woven chargers add a relaxed vibe.


The organic forms of this setting are contrasted by the windowpane plaid of the napkins. The brass accents add some formality while still keeping things relaxed. The glassware helps lighten the moody setting visually, and that flatware is such #goals, it's my favorite!


Blush, blue, black, and white swirl together with sparkly metallics in this painterly composition. It's all about whimsical sophistication and artistic inspiration. A simple centerpiece of fresh eucalyptus cuttings grounds the vibrant setting.


5. Global Eclectic

Lots of pattern and color are characteristic of global eclectic style, bringing a worldly vibe to the table. The predominant color, blue keeps things anchored while still giving a collected look, and pops of citron add zest to the setting. The stainless steel wine glass gives a cool edge that ties in with the stainless and wood flatware.


What are your thanksgiving plans? Do you have annual traditions or do you like to mix things up? I'd love to hear, comment below!


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