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I'm sure this comes as no surprise, but I'm a huge fan of mid century modern and modern farmhouse styles. Did you know that as a child I alternated between an alternate reality where I was a 1950's housewife and one in which I starred as a pioneer/farmer? True story. These days I'm firmly planted in our own era, but I'm thankful that other people share my sentiments to the extent that they are actually trending styles.

I just launched a new project with a local family who just bought an original mid century mod rambler in Palos Verdes (all the heart eyes!!), and I'm so excited to share about it. We're starting with the living room, which is large and airy thanks to a full wall of windows. The family has two young children, and the overall vibe we're going for is fresh, bright, and fun. Although we're still in the beginning stages and there's a good chance the direction may change, here is the style board as of now. I'm really into it, so I hope the final outcome will be close!

The blue velvet sofa was the jumping off point for the design. I just love the mod shape and the price point is excellent, something you have to take into consideration, especially when designing with kids in mind. I decided to counter the lush feel of the velvet with a pair of cognac leather armchairs, which are super stylish and also super comfortable. Leather is so forgiving, it easily wipes up and only looks better with age. Since the living area is part of an open plan room, it was important to define the space. The Moroccan style rug anchors the area, and the light pattern adds dimension without weighing down the overall look. This version is very low pile, making it easier to maintain than it's shaggy cousins. The coffee table is a little hard to see in the style board, but it's a great one. I went with a round design to help balance the masculine forms of the furniture, with an added bonus of no sharp edges making it super kid-friendly. I love the reverse-dipped legs! I can just see the family gathering here to play a board game or have some snacks.

The home comes with an original fireplace and built-ins, which is so cozy but definitely needs an update. I love the simplicity and fresh edge of shiplap, which is perfect to install over the hearth. And I chose this beyond gorgeous cement tile for the surround, I've been keeping my eye on this pattern waiting for the perfect opportunity to use it, and I love how it ties in with the blue sofa! So effortlessly chic, just like my client :)

Other items:

Here are a few cement tile fireplace surrounds I'm loving around the web:


Are you loving the cement tile trend as much as I am? Let me know in the comments below!

Happy weekend!




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