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Via Studio McGee

There is a subtle art to arranging pillows. The goal is to make it look effortless and casual, but still coordinating and appealing. In other words, perfectly imperfect. It's easy to overlook pillows, but they really add a finishing touch to an otherwise incomplete space. What's more, they transcend styles; even the most sparse minimalist space will have one or two cushions.

Via Coco + Kelley

Something as simple as pillows can help alter the tone of a space, and turn a drab sofa arrangement into boho, glam, or coastal chic. What's more, pillows are an inexpensive way to incorporate a trend without committing to it, or switch things up seasonally. Especially in the winter months, nothing adds to the hygge vibe than some fluffy pillows and a cozy throw!

Via Remodelista

I know what you're thinking, easier said than done, right? While this often seems impossible, I have a fool-proof formula to achieve the look every time. While there definitely are exceptions, if you follow this recipe it's very hard to go wrong.


Step One: Set the tone

Start with a free form pattern that will form the basis of your palette. This can either be a color that is complementary to your room's scheme for a more neutral tone, or contrasting for a more impactful result. Florals and organic prints are ideal here as well.

Designer Tip: I treat indigo as a neutral -- just like a favorite pair of jeans it goes with everything!


Step Two: Add Geometry

Add linear-based pattern to balance the organic. Grid, check, and graphic prints are all good here. You can vary the impact by the degree of edge you go for (graphic black and white for a mod vibe for example).


Step Three: Mix Scale

Be sure your composition isn't visually competing, some should be small-scale and others large-scale for balance. A good rule of thumb here is one large, one small, and one solid.


Step Four: Throw in some texture

This is where all the fun happens; add velvet, pom poms, tassels, fur to amp up the visual interest. This is also what creates the coziness factor.


Step Five: The Wild Card!

This step is essential! Throw in a lumbar, rectangular, or round pillow as a finishing touch to take your composition to the next level. You can use this step to balance out whatever is otherwise lacking (a splash of color for example in an overly neutral composition).


Fool-Proof Pillow Combos

ONE. Blue Maroon TWO. Neutral Zone

THREE. Peaches & Cream FOUR. Tropicool

FIVE. Painterly SIX. Seeing Spots


Ready to change things up in time for the new year and throw your own pillow party? Share pics below or tag @estiekessler on social!




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