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Recently, I was pleasantly surprised to hear from a favorite past client of mine. About six months ago, they had just moved to a new home and had a new baby and called me in to design the nursery and au pair's room. They had already planted the groundwork with a global aesthetic (she hails from Argentina, he's from Belgium) and impeccable art collection. Silicon Valley tech execs by day, the couple are avid art and design connoisseurs and already knew the vibe they wanted to go for, and just needed help executing it.

This time around, they reached out to revamp the living room. Although the main pieces were already there, it needed some finishing touches to tie it all together. We knew we wanted a relaxed luxury, California casual feel with some rustic boho accents. The goal was to create a relaxing haven in the midst of their busy lives, and create a retreat for the whole family, which includes two young children.

We pinpointed this image as our jumping off point:

Nothing is too precious, but there is a tone of luxury in the rich textures and well-crafted heirloom pieces. Lots of texture -- such as woven rattan, soft wool, and velvet -- and layered textiles add coziness. In our version, the neutral palette is warmed up with muted blues and rose hues.

The weathered blue beaded chandelier immediately created a focal point for the space, especially since it will be framed by the minimalist fireplace which we're leaving unadorned by art (not shown). The steel blue slub velvet ottoman is a unique hybrid of an ottoman and coffee table, and is so versatile, while the Moroccan rug anchors the space and creates plush comfort underfoot. The pair of rattan cocoon chairs are a unique alternative to hanging chairs. There will also be additional seating in the built in bench on one side of the fireplace, while the other side will have built in shelving. Finishing touches include a soft leather Moroccan pouf, lush sheepskin rug, and of course an oversize potted plant!

Other Items:

1. Sofa 2. Wood Side Table 3. Baskets 4. Tray 5. Candlesticks 6. Side Table 7. Pillows (Clockwise): 1, 2, 3, 4, 5


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