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Every evening it gets so cold in our home, and I start layering up...but heaven forbid I have to go out at night because it's so hard to look somewhat put together while still comfortably warm, and all I want in life is to be cozy AF, am I right?? So I've decided to take matters into my own hands, and rounded up some of my favorite winter pieces here! I'm really into all the fuzzy textures I've been seeing everywhere, I'm always of the opinion that the bigger the better when it comes to cozy winter wear (plus it makes it unnecessary to wear a bra haha!). Gimme all the layers!



Shop the post:

Row 1: 1. Coat 2. Hat 3. Sweater 4. Scarf 5. Muffler

Row 2: 1. Sweater 2. Sweater 3. Coat 4. Sweater

Row 3: Scarves 2. Sweater 3. Hat 4. Sweater 5. Hat

Row 4: 1. Sweater 2. Coat 3. Jacket 4. Scarf

The only thing I really have to add in the spirit of full disclosure is that some of my favorite online shops have photos that are not suitable to this type of I'm linking a few more goodies here as a reward to those of you who bothered to scroll all the way down :)


Hope you stay warm this weekend! And I'd love to see your cozy finds too, share them here!



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