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One of the challenges most people face is creating multi-functioning spaces in their home. Real estate is gold, and implementing space efficiently is crucial to creating a home with good flow. A family with two young daughters in nearby Cypress, California approached me with a unique request: to create a beautiful and functional space that would serve as a work space for the girls, as well as in-home ballet studio space, and TV den that could also convert to sleeping space for guests. All in about 350 square feet. Challenge accepted!



1. A saturated palette of forest green and magenta is kept playful with a backdrop of bright white walls and trim, with the exception of an accent wall which displays an eclectic gallery wall and camouflages the wall-mounted television.

Via Pigment

2. Layered textiles add dimension, and rugs anchor the various "zones."

3. Light wood tones and brass accents create warmth and modern vibe.

3. A wall mounted mirror and barre, framed by blush curtains creates the perfect practice corner for the aspiring ballerinas.

4. Two facing settees that convert to full size sleepers create a cozy conversation area or guest sleeping quarters.

5. A long and narrow desk along the wall provides ample space for both sisters, and a wall mounted picture ledge or shelf adds storage or display space. Closed storage under the desk stores paperwork and supplies.


This was just the initial mood board and concept, I'll be doing a follow up post on the progress soon! If you have a problem area in your home, let's chat! I love a good challenge :) Click here to start the conversation.




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