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Happy weekend friends! Ever since getting back from our anniversary trip to snow covered Vail last week, it's been a race against time to prepare for Passover! The phrase "cleaning with a toddler around is like raking leaves in a hurricane" has never rang more true! But honestly, we're almost there, and I am so ready to go on an eight-day carb free cleanse! I'll be off the grid for the next couple of days as we re-live the exodus from Egypt (these days, Egypt refers to whatever our constraints and struggles may be, so we focus on mentally escaping whatever may be keeping us from reaching our potential -- procrastination, fear, lack of confidence, etc), and come out stronger and more motivated on the other side! And if you're celebrating Easter this weekend, wishing you an equally peaceful and meaningful holiday!




1. Whether you're cleaning for Passover or just on a spring cleaning kick, use my ultimate cleaning guide to keep yourself on track.

2. These Passover recipes are a welcome change from Bubbe's brisket and kugel on repeat.

3. This adorable (and personalize-able!) suede crossbody is calling my name, the question is which color??

4. I was shocked to discover that higher thread count in sheets isn't always better!

5. How cool is Imperfect Produce? You can get wacky produce delivered to your door for way less than grocery store prices! Use code FIFTY% to get your first box half off.

6. I stepped up my Instagram game using this easy (and free!) story highlights icon tutorial from Local Milk.

7. Studio McGee just posted their latest kitchen remodel and it's swoon-worthy!

8. Excited to be getting back into Billions this week, the break from last season seemed especially long, no? Things seemed to be going pretty downhill in the season premier, hopefully they'll turn around.

9. The Museum of Illusions is the next big pop-up sensation to hit LA, and on my list of things to check out!

10. I'm obsessed with this lucite tripod floor lamp, I just sourced it for a client project and I want it for myself too! And you won't believe where it's from!


Happy holiday weekend!




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