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Updated: Apr 26, 2020

I've been meaning to do a Mother's Day gift guide and just came to the realization that Mother's Day is this Sunday!! Lately, my schedule has been a whirlwind of travel up and down the California coast (Long Beach, San Francisco, and San Clemente all in one week!), and various design events sprinkled in between. And while I'm super grateful that I'm being kept busy doing what I love best, I've been feeling that all-too-familiar sensation of mom guilt for neglecting my other baby, this blog, lately.

Being a mama brings me joy and fulfillment beyond comprehension, and is really my most important job. So even though Mother's Day should be every day, a day that is dedicated to celebrating motherhood is definitely important in my book. Making this gift guide really wasn't difficult as it's pretty much my own wish list, so I can say with confidence that the mama in your life will love these items. Without further ado, let's spoil those mamas!!


Hope you find that perfect something for the mama in your life! Let me know in the comments below if I'm missing any goodies!




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