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Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving weekend! We have so much to be grateful for, especially now that we are more or less settled in our new home. It was so nice to have my family over, but the week flew by so quickly! Luckily, we'll be in LA in a couple of weeks for Chanukah, but more on that later. Since we are in the midst of the biggest deals of the year, I wanted to share my favorite gift ideas for the special ladies in our lives. Without further ado...

1. If your feet are always cold in the winter *raises hand* these furry slippers are for you. Plus they come in so many fun colors.

2. If you follow me on Insta you probably know my deep love for linen, so naturally this beautifully detailed Turkish linen robe is high on my list.

3. Following in the theme of comfort, a milk warmer/frother is essential to making delicious lattes without cooling them down.

4. The perfect combo of tortoiseshell and tassel, this chic carryall looks way more expensive than it is.

5. Do judge a book by its cover in this case, since Eat Beautiful reveals how to nourish your skin from the inside out with intentional ingredients and fresh, delicious recipes.

6. A tailored pajama set is perfect for when you want to lounge in comfort but also not look like a troll.

7. Not only do these screen lenses protect your eyes from harmful blue light, they are ultra Parisian chic!

8. I love gifting books since they last a lifetime and are often times something people don't buy for themselves, not to mention this Jane Austen box set is a shelfie game changer!

9. This 3 pair tortoiseshell hoop set increases your odds for finding the perfect gift for that hard to shop for friend.

10. For the hostess with the mostess, this beautifully simple cake dome is perfect for styling artisanal desserts and cheeses.


That's it for now, stay tuned for my next gift guide! Be sure to share your favorite finds in the comments below. Happy shopping!




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