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Things are slowly but surely coming together in Casa Kessler! I decided to tackle the study first since Kovi works from home now that we've moved to Houston, and I wanted to make sure he felt comfortable in his new digs since his office in El Segundo is a pretty fun work environment. I knew that in contrast to the rest of the house which is bright and airy, I wanted this space to be more moody and masculine, with slate blue, cognac leather, and natural wood tones. I took to Pinterest of course, and quickly rounded up some inspirational images:

Moody Office

Via Busatti

Moody Office

Moody Office

Via C-Home

Moody Office

Moody Office

I was going back and forth between paint colors when a package from Behr showed up at my door after sitting on the doorstep of my old house for months (long story!). As soon as I saw the color of the year, Blueprint, I knew it was the perfect steel blue I was looking for. It was moody but not too dark, with the right amount of grey undertones.

Around the same time, Laura Davidson reached out to me offering to let me try out their office furniture. I chose the Soho Premier Tall Back Soft Pad in brown Italian leather, which arrived within two days after ordering! Not only was I impressed by their customer service, (forget about 10 week lead times) but I was majorly impressed with the quality and the incredible price point. The well-crafted design lives up to the Eames original, and the leather is soft and durable. It was very easy to assemble and was in place in no time. Overall, I am very pleased with it and wouldn't hesitate to purchase from them again. Here it is below:

Next, I knew that I wanted a live edge desk here, especially since we had decided to not get a live edge dining table since uneven edges would mean we wouldn't be able to use a tablecloth (but have since found a compromise -- more on that later!). I was so happy to partner with Phil from Veritas Woodworking, a boutique woodworker in Oregon. Phil describes himself as being "passionate about discovering the beauty buried within each piece of wood," and was so helpful and knowledgable when it came to choosing the right slab and making all the specification decisions. During the process, I learned all about different wood types and a bit about the wood working process as well. It's so fascinating -- you can peek into Phil's workshop here and here if you've ever wondered about the process. I'll be updating on the final product but in the meantime here's some progress pics:

Once those three main components were in place, I built more layers into a cohesive and practical design. Part of those considerations were: a console table to hold Kovi's large dual screens that wouldn't take away from the room's centerpiece, the wood slab desk; plenty of storage for his extensive Judaic texts library, and of course a cozy spot for me to curl up when I came in to visit ;) This is what I came up with:


Moody Study Design Plan



That's it for now, friends! I'll be sure to update with when the room is complete, but in the meantime I'd love to hear your thoughts.




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