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Terrazzo trend


Today's terrazzo resurgence can be seen everywhere, but it is definitely not a new invention. Although found as far back as the Egyptian era, the modern form of terrazzo derives from 18th century techniques used in Venetian pavement, where fragments of marble, quartz, and and other stone were bound in a mortar base.

terrazzo trend

Terrazzo was introduced to the Unites States in the 1890s but didn't take off until the 1920s, gaining popularity in the Art Deco and Arte Moderne movements.

terrazzo trend

Via Heju

In the mid twentieth century, advances in the production process made it a low cost and durable building material, and terrazzo became commonplace in commercial spaces such as airports and schools, and of course the Hollywood Walk of Fame!

terrazzo trend

Despite its humble beginnings, terrazzo is now considered a luxury finish, especially as it's taken on a modern twist with larger fragments, and a variety of color ways, and other variations.

terrazzo trend

Designers and architects are experimenting with different ways of using the mosaic-like material , beyond just commercial flooring.

terrazzo trend


For those of us not going through a major reno or kitchen overhaul, there are still many ways to incorporate the terrazzo trend without committing to it for the long run. Bath accessories, dishes, and even wallpaper are fun ways to bring terrazzo into your home. I've rounded up 25 of my favorite terrazzo home decor on the market right now. Click the links below to shop now, or pin for later. Enjoy!

terrazzo trend



So what do you think about the terrazzo resurgence -- love it or hate it? Weigh in below, and share the ways you're incorporating it into your style.




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