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Updated: Apr 26, 2020

Happy Valentines Day! To be honest I don't care much for this holiday, but any day that gives me an excuse to get some extra pampering is a good one in my book, amiright? I've discovered so many amazing products from small shops lately that I've been planning on sharing but I thought it would be helpful to post them all in one post here as well, in case you're looking for something extra for that special someone. Enjoy!

Aura frame valentines gift idea

1. The Aura frame is a major game changer! It connects to your phone via wi-fi and uploads photos to the frame in amazing high def quality. Perfect to gift to family who don't live close so they can stay up to speed on your pictures.

Birdies slippers valentines gift idea

2. Ok, Birdies have been on my wishlist for quite some time now -- they are just the perfect combination of sexy and cute. #ifyouknowyouknow

bath bomb valentines gift idea

3. What's better than a bubble bath? Not much except for one of Latika Soap's unreal bath bombs in there. I especially love that they're made by an Austin mama with organic ingredients. Use FRIENDS20 at checkout for 20% off!

Jewelry rings valentines gift idea

4. I can't get enough of Local Eclectic's breathtaking jewelry! I've had my creepers from them for a couple years now and it's definitely time to add to my collection.

fragrance perfume valentines gift idea

5. The fragrance coming from Ellis Brooklyn's boutique line are so on point, and best of all they're made with clean ingredients. I have Myth and Sci-Fi and love them both!

Handmade pottery vase valentines gift idea

6. I love good handmade pottery that sparks joy the way that Target can't. I had the pleasure of collabing with Brooke of BTW Ceramics a few years ago and am still a huge fan of her work.

custom watercolor portrait valentines gift idea

7. A friend introduced me to Dianuh of Chasing Linen, and I've been a huge fan since. We invited her to create her signature live art portraits at Mendel's 3rd birthday party and it was such a nice way for guests to take home a keepsake.

Fedora hat valentines gift idea

8. The cutest hat shop from the cutest Ginger Parrish, who I love following. Because the friends who wear hats together, stay together.

Dress valentines gift idea

9. Another boss lady I love Insta-following for your timeless style and authenticity is Julia Engel, who recently launched the Gal Meets Glam Collection. I'm excited for the Spring collection, especially since there are so many modest options!

Chunky knit sweater valentines gift idea

10. This sweater has become a closet staple for me (as well as the rest of Instagram, I know I know), but it's just so good I couldn't not share the love. It also comes in a mini size for your little one which is so fun!


Are you a ride or die February 14th fan, or don't care much for it? I wanna know!




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