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Earthy tones moodboard

//down to earth//

As the temperatures heat up, I find myself drawn to rich chalky pastels in earthy hues. Terra cotta, ochre, sand inform the palette vernacular right now, balanced with jade, olive, and rust hues reminiscent of precious stones crushed to dust. Just having returned from a visit to the Mediterranean, visions of the endless rows of clay bowls full of fragrant spices and incense in the shuk in Jerusalem are translated into lush velvet cushions piled over an elegantly upholstered sofa; while the intricate hand woven textiles stacked in piles in the outdoor markets in Athens make their appearance in the form of

a richly patterned scarf adding a pop of color to my go-to basket tote. Use these saturated hues in small doses layered over a blank canvas, or go all out with color -- you really can't go wrong as long as stay in the spectrum of muted chalky tones.

//sources// clockwise from top left: Pinterest, Pinterest, Bash Please, Pappas Miron Design, Flickr


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