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Summer is slowly transitioning to fall, but the rattan and cane trend isn't showing signs of fading, and I'm here for it. I love the warmth and visual interest natural fibers add to any space, and how versatile it is, being just at home in a traditional setting as it is in a contemporary one. In fact, what speaks to me most is the blend of a classic framework layered with eclectic furnishings, which tends to be the style I work with most often.

Rattan and cane were originally developed in Southeast Asia and other tropical climates where this type of vine grows in abundance and makes for a resilient and easy to maintain building material. It's also light and pliable when heated making it an ideal fiber. With the spread of British colonialism, the rattan and cane trend traveled to Europe and the Americas, and has been reoccurring since.

Rattan and cane are such great materials to soften any type of space where you'd like a comfy hyggelig feel. It works well when layered with interesting textiles and patterns, whether in wall coverings, rugs, or pillows. I try to incorporate some version of it in every room I style, along with some contrasting textures (think leather, marble, velvet, linen) to create balance. There is really no way to go wrong!



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