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One Room Challenge: Week 2

Updated: Apr 2, 2020

One Room Challenge Week 2

Wow, I can't believe a whole week has already passed since I plunged into my first One Room Challenge. Between Yom Kippur and doctor appointments (baby is the size of a Swiss chard this week!), we managed to get some significant progress in. We bought and assembled (almost!) the IKEA bookcases that will be making up the bases of the built ins, and we bought a planter for the fiddle leaf fig.

In case you're confused about the shelving situation, we are installing bookcases on the entire window wall, framing the window. To save time and significant cost, we are using IKEA BILLY bookcases, and adding molding and trim to give a built in appearance. It was pretty easy to figure out the configuration we needed on the IKEA website, and pick them up and assemble them. We hired out for the molding and trim, which should be taking place tomorrow! Follow along on Instagram to see that go down. This technique can be found all over Pinterest, and comes out looking really great, so I'm excited to see the final result! Here are some inspirational images I've collected:

This design has music room vibes like ours and also freestanding seating rather than a built in bench -- I love the added character!

I'm about 95% sure I'll be adding a sliding library ladder to ours as well, I mean if open bookshelves aren't an invitation for kids to climb on them, this will seal the deal ;)

I love the sconces in this one, and toyed with the idea of adding them to ours as well, but decided to leave them out since there are can lights pretty much directly in front of the the shelves on either side that will be staying so it would be pretty redundant.

As I mentioned, we also finally found a great planter for the fiddle leaf fig we've had for several weeks now. Sadly, we discovered that it had been leaking through the temporary planter it came in into our hardwood flooring when we moved it, and left a pretty bad stain. Luckily, once it was cleaned and fully dry the next day the stain looked significantly better. Lesson learned: get a planter right away! It's looking so good in its new home and we added potting mix as well -- I am a notorious plant killer but fiddle leafs are pretty low maintenance so hopefully it'll continue doing well.

The planter was a great find and under $70! It looks even better in person, so I'm tagging it here in case you're looking for a large one as well. I love the blue glazed finish and pine quilt pattern!

Blue planter pot


That's it for now! See you next Thursday here for the next progress post, and be sure to follow along on Instagram for up to the minute updates :) I've also been loving following the featured designers' and other guest designers' transformations as well! See you next week!

One Room Challenge

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