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Holiday Gift Guide: For Her

Updated: Apr 2, 2020

Holiday Gift Guide

Although it feels like it was just summer last week, the holiday season is just around the corner! Since I tend to stack my plate full of projects and ideas (like attempting the One Room Challenge while 9 months pregnant??) I decided to keep things simple this year by sharing the products that have either been tried and true in our own home, or are items that I would love to gift or receive myself. I find that a thoughtful and useful gift goes a long way, especially when it's an item that the recipient would be unlikely to splurge on themselves. Hope this list is helpful as you do your holiday gift shopping!

Croc embossed bag

ONE // The perfect croc-embossed bag for transitioning from Fall to Winter, and also comes in other colors which makes it very hard to choose just one.

Felt round top hat

TWO // The chin strap is everything! Plus the flat top and off-white color on this round top hat is super cute as well.

Modern tiered jewelry organizer

THREE // It's pretty hard to come by a good looking jewelry organizer and this one is a good balance of form and function imo.

Essential oils diffuser

FOUR // To be honest, I really only got into essential oils because I loved the look of this diffuser, but the scents and health properties are a great bonus feature too ;)

Turkish bath towels

FIVE // This Turkish bath set is made from premium bamboo and is super soft and absorbent, and the price is unbeatable!

Metallic blue crepe dress

SIX // The modern day Cinderella gown -- if you must get out of cozy clothes once this season, make it for this blue crepe number.

Linen tablecloth

SEVEN // Belgian stone washed linen tablecloth for under $50! My favorite for setting the tone for casual yet refined entertaining.

Pajama set

EIGHT // The recipe for happiness pretty much boils down to being comfy all the time, so this supersoft pajama set is a no brainer.

Emu sheepskin slippers

NINE // I'm pretty sure I've shared these sheepskin slippers before but they're seriously the best. And currently on sale!

Vintage trunk luggage

TEN // The holiday season goes hand in hand with holiday travel, and these vintage trunk-inspired luggage is super affordable so if TSA loses them you won't be as upset. Yolo!

Half Baked Harvest Cookbook

ELEVEN // There's a reason the new Half Baked Harvest cookbook is top-rated -- less is more when it comes to cooking simple yet delicious comfort foods.



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