• Estie

7 Weeks of Activities While We Count the Omer

Pesach is over and while we may be freed from slavery in Egypt, it still feels like we're trapped in our homes while we self-isolate. Jewish wisdom teaches us that the seven weeks between Pesach and Shavuos are a special time for introspection and improvement, each week focusing on a different Kabbalistic attribute. Since we're stuck inside with the kids anyway, there has literally never been a better time to tackle some of those projects you've been wanting to do for ages. While I *sincerely* hope the quarantine ends before the seven week period, here's a fun chart you can follow along with your family while we count the omer. You can find deeper significance on each attribute here. Here's what we're planning on tackling in the coming weeks:

FaceTime Grandma. Or go all out with a family Zoom sesh. PSA: private comment threads between users show up in the chat transcript at the end ;)

Make a pillow fort. And refresh your home with some beautiful pillows from The Citizenry while you're at it.

Learn a new recipe. I've been drooling over Half Baked Harvest's dishes lately, and they don't require a run to a specialty store.

Family movie night. If your home theater situation needs an upgrade, this is the ultimate solution to not hanging an ugly black box on your walls.

Do a face mask. Yes we've all been caught up on securing face masks for our grocery runs, but when's the last time you did a face mask?

Make a schedule. Molly Madfis has a cute printable one that will hopefully inspire you to get out of pjs in some semblance of our previous lives.

Purge your closet. Cuz we all need more space for all the loungewear we've been online shopping amiright? If your hangers don't spark joy, now's the time.

Organize the pantry. I just ordered a bunch of baskets on major sale for my own pantry overhaul!

Sort the kids toys. Yes it's a Catch 22 but it will also let you see what's being used and what can be given away if it's just become clutter. You can find some of my favorites here.

Clean out your camera roll. Because digital clutter is still clutter.

Learn a TikTok dance. If you need a nudge Kelsi & Caleb Fullmer's dances will have you in tears.

Make a collage. Grab the kids and so some good old fashioned cutting and pasting. Maybe a scavenger hunt, or choosing pieces for a dream house.

Restyle the shelves. Keep things fresh, unlike the bare shelves at your local toilet paper aisle. Score some goodies on sale now.

Add an indoor plant, or a few. Spark joy by bringing a bit of the outdoors in. These gorgeous planters are currently 30% off.

Have a backyard picnic. Dining al fresco takes on new meaning these days but a good cheese and wine pairing is timeless.

Make a photo book. My kids love looking through our photo books, and they make the perfect gift for grandparents too.

Plant a raised bed garden. Seeing - and tasting - the literal fruits of your labor is so fulfilling. Start with one of these and fill it with whatever you want to see in your salad bowl.

Add an accent wall with peel & stick wallpaper. How many times has Emily Henderson shown us the transformative impact of wallpaper? I'm eagerly awaiting my own order to arrive from overseas to *finally* tackle my dining room.

Learn a new language. Check out these 6 ways to learn a foreign language for free during COVID-19. Silver lining much?

Rearrange furniture. It's seriously so fun to create an entirely new setup using things you already have. Plus it's a great workout. If you need help book an e-design package with me!

Backyard camping. All the excitement of sleeping in the great outdoors but with the perks of indoor plumbing. I have my eye on this tent for the whole fam.

Do a workout. Moving your body feels so good and it's something you could do with the kids. It's something I've been meaning to start up myself so if you have any good recs add them in the comments section below!

Make a "Chopped" competition. Give the kids 3 ingredients to work with and see how creative they can get. I love these mess-free cutting boards