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A Safari Themed Purim

Updated: Jun 6, 2023

Once again, Purim is around the corner. And while we're still finalizing this year's family theme, I did want to share last year's theme. Every year it gets more and more challenging to find a costume idea that fits our family and everyone is on board for. A safari theme is so flexible because chances are you already have boots (mine currently on sale here), a khaki shirt, and hat like the one linked below from Gigi Pip. Kids can pretty much be whatever animal they want and still be on theme. We had a tropical bird and a lion, and Mendel wanted to be a safari guy too. Kovi ended up going as our behind-the-camera wildlife photographer (ha!). This one was pretty last minute so I didn't get a chance to blog about it, but I wanted to make sure to do it in time for this year in case you are also browsing for family theme ideas.

Chag sameach!



Mishloach Manot

To go with our safari theme, we put together South African-inspired treats for our mishloach manot. Of course, Z Biltong products were the main event, along with rooibos tea packets, and seed & fruit mix. It was fairly simple to assemble them into bakery boxes filled with crinkle paper, tie with twine, and stick a leaf cutting into. And the round labels I always use are so easy to design and print, I save the template and just tweak it to fit that year's theme.

If you're planning a safari themed party, hope it's wild! Follow me on Instagram for this year's theme :)




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Joseph Conley
Joseph Conley
Apr 11, 2023
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