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A Simanim-Filled Rosh Hashanah Menu Fit for the Grandmillennial Table

If you're anything like me, thoughts of warm comfort foods start filling your mind right around the time summer begins to wind down and the high holidays start looming from around the corner. Jewish history is rich with symbolism, and is no different around the simanim of the new year. And while I love passing down tradition from generation to generation, I also appreciate innovative new techniques that keep things fresh. While we may have grown up with gefilte and tzimmes, Sara Gee of Thymely Kitchen teaches us that beet citrus ceviche and honey harissa roasted carrots can equally grace the holiday table. Sara's multi-layered recipes are both a nod to tradition and an absolute flavor bomb waiting to happen, and have been a long-time favorite of mine. I'm so happy to invite Sara to share a sampling of her unique culinary style with a menu perfect for a holiday meal, or just a cozy fall shabbos meal at home. Bitayavon!

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With love,

Sara Gee


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