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A Space Theme for Purim

Updated: Apr 2, 2020

As the kids get older, it gets harder to decide on a Purim theme that everyone approves (my gardeners and veggies theme was vetoed), but I landed on a space theme for this year, which is pretty out of this world (see what I did there?)


I thought my five year old son, who's obsessed with firefighters, police, paramedics, and the like would be pretty pleased with an astronaut costume, but he wasn't. Until I showed him a picture of one, at which point he immediately changed his mind. Let this be a lesson in the persuasive abilities of visuals! And as soon as I said the words, "sparkly, stars, purple, and tutu," my three year old princess was on board as well. Luckily my 4 month old doesn't get a say in the matter and is going to be strapped to me in his wrap carrier disguised as a cute spaceship...I was contemplating how to achieve this but then I found this cute backpack that Mendel can use next year in kindergarten so I figured that would work. Done. Everything else was found on Amazon making it super fast and easy. If you're planning your own space themed party, here ya go!

Mishloach Manot

The kids gave out space themed shalach manos that included a Trader Joes half moon cookie, a blue raspberry Airhead, and a galaxy sticker craft. I couldn't think of a good space themed shalach manor for adults (beyond Blue Moon beer) so I ended up going with a non-theme related tote filled with a baguette, potted herb, and artisanal olive oil -- can't go wrong with that, amiright?


If you're planning your own space themed party, hope it's out of this world!




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