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Amazon Prime Day Deals!

Updated: Jul 13, 2022

One of the highlights of summer is Amazon Prime Day, and this one might be the best one yet! Over the past years, Amazon has become a go to source not just for household essentials but also for several of our big ticket items like our Frame TV and Insta-famous gold flatware. The free prime shipping and wide selection of anything under the sun is especially convenient when we're traveling.

Some of my recent finds - the minimalist water bottle I use everyday, the softest cotton pjs I got for the kids, and the silky pleated head scarves I've been obsessing over lately.

With the best deals of the year happening today and tomorrow, I like to stock up on gifts to have on hand, like one of my favorite design books, the best 100% linen tablecloth, and my favorite essential oils diffuser. Shop all my tried and true finds as well as the items in my Amazon cart right now below!




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