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Color Study: The October Edit


top row l to r: 1, 2

middle row l to r: 3, 4

bottom row l to r: 5, 6

Back to the Future

This month's color study takes its cue from Dunn-Edward's recently unveiled 2022 Color of the Year: Art and Craft. According to Dunn-Edwards, Art & Craft is "inspired by academia, 17th-century painters, cottagecore and artisans everywhere," and "infuses any space with effortless opulence." Its rich earthy tones take us back to the classics and offer the perfect backdrop for displaying collections and handiwork. The warm faded hue recalls sun-kissed terra-cotta, and reiterates the trend of warming browns and natural materials such as leather, wood, and natural fibers, as opposed to cool greys and sleek metallics. Go for a monochrome moment, or pair with complementary warm creamy tones such as oat and caramel. Un café, s'il vous plaît!




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