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Cozumel Packing List

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This year, we are looking forward to spending Passover in Cozumel. What I'm most looking forward to are slow days by the seaside, and splashing in the warm water of the Mexican gulf with the babes. Although baby Yosef has been back and forth from LA handful of times, this will be his first international trip (earthside!), although the flight is direct and under 2 hours which is a dream in itself. We are renting an absolutely gorgeous home, and I'll be sure to share more info afterwards in case you'd like to earmark it for your own stay!

Since there are quite a few dressy days over the holiday, I am packing light, airy dresses in linen and cotton to keep comfortable in the tropical climate. And I'm relying on strappy sandals and basket bags to elevate more casual outfits. As always, I'm drawn most to organic materials like linen and straw, but I've also been enjoying the fun puffy sandals and headband trend. And I found the best sunnies at under $15 - they're perfect for travel since I don't have to worry about losing them.

Whether you're planning your own seaside getaway, or simply gearing up for warmer weather ahead, enjoying shopping my best finds of the season! And find my latest kids favorites here



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