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Currently Coveting: Harlequin Floors

While designers pride themselves on avoiding trends in favor of timeless design, what do you do when timelessness becomes a trend in itself? In our day and age, it seems like the world around us is changing faster than we can make sense of or process. While in the past cultural change came slowly and bite-sized, these days a day rarely goes by without creating some new stir. In response, we have witnessed a steady shift to the dependable forms of classic design in the world of interiors, with traditional elements being reinvented in refreshing new ways. Harlequin flooring, also known as checkerboard pattern, is one of those design elements has lasted the test of time.

The high contrast pattern brings visual interest and a playful feel in neutral settings, almost as tongue in cheek as a Victorian portrait in a water closet. It also helps create movement in very linear spaces, or instead can draw the eye away from spatial imperfections especially when laid at an angle. Harlequin floors call to mind ancient Roman villas and grand country homes of past eras, but at the same time feel refreshingly familiar.

There are lots of factors to play with - a different feel can be achieved with scale, color, and finish. POV polished marble in black and white, versus an oversized honed stone in a subdued taupe. And if you're not ready to commit to something so permanent, harlequin pattern carpets open up a whole new world (did you catch that reference?) of pattern. Take a scroll through these beautiful examples of checkered flooring to inspire you in your own home.




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