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Currently Coveting: Landscape Murals

Recently, I've been loving vintage landscape murals, especially as we installed one in our own dining room. Since our home is a new build, it was important to me to inject architectural details that would add character and visual interest throughout the space. To achieve this, we added box trim and wainscoting, as well as an antique marble fireplace surround. We decided to add the wallpaper inside of the top wall panels for a whimsical feel, almost as if you're looking out on the view beyond the dining room. This room is not quite completed, but for now we're enjoying the unique space, and baby Yosef especially loves pointing out the monkeys and jaguars. It's fun to see the progress from the planning stages to finally being up in our home.

My favorite time of the day is golden hour when this room gets cast in a magical glow.

The wall color reads differently throughout the day. Some minor touching up and outlet covers are still on the to-do list.

Although we hired someone for the install, this wallpaper from Stockholm-based Rebel Walls is easy to install and is removeable. Our walls do have some texture but that was easy to remedy with some liner. One issue that we didn't quite foresee is that our wall panels are not all the same width, so some of the panels had a small gap. I'm sharing this since there's always a learning curve and hopefully you won't make the same mistakes if you decide to install your own landscape mural. Wall murals are definitely having a moment now, but since they're rooted in classical design, I feel like they're timeless and transcend trends, and I'm definitely happy we decided to go for it.

Wallpaper mural: Jungle Land in a custom color way, by Rebel Walls

Wall color: Modern Love by Backdrop


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