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Loungewear: Splurge or Save

Updated: May 11, 2020

Since we've been sheltering at home the last few weeks (months? Quickly losing track of time over here...), I've been reaching for soft and cozy pieces that are ultra comfortable. At the same time, it still feels good to be put together, and I find myself more productive when I take the time to be intentional with my appearance. And apparently I'm not the only one -- have you seen the video circulating of the pants-less reporter?? Whether it's soft organic cotton or cool silk, quality is key, you can't compare real sheepskin slippers with a cheap substitute, or a non-breathable polyester pajama disguised as satin.With Mother's Day just around the corner, elevated loungewear is the perfect gift for the mamas in our lives, so I've rounded up some of my favorite high quality pieces at different price points here. I'll be adding to the list so keep checking back!





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