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One Room Challenge: The Reveal!

Welcome to reveal week of the 8 week One Room Challenge! Huge thanks to Linda Weinstein for organizing this awesome event, and to Better Homes and Gardens as the official media sponsor. It's always so fun to follow along everyone's transformations, and you get to enjoy a beautiful (hopefully) finished space at the end!

Here is the breakdown of each week:

Week One: Design Plan and Mood Board

Week Two: Wallpaper

Week Three: Rug selection - we went with an oversized sheepskin that added the right amount of texture and coziness.

Week Four: Closet secret passage - we'll be completing this later this summer!

Week Five: Lighting selection - after a last minute change of plans, I stuck with my gut and am still searching for the right fit.

Week Six: Anchoring pieces - shop our rattan bed, giraffe basket, and more favorite rattan pieces!

Week Seven: No updates because we were in New York!

Of course, a reveal wouldn't be the same without the before pictures, so here is what we were working with:


This room was used previously as a small guest room. It's light-filled and bright but the biggest challenge was the small size we had to work with. Although a cozy whimsical space is just right for our little girl.


The most impactful (and most challenging) part of the transformation was the wallpaper, sponsored by Spoonflower. Spoonflower is an amazing resource for artisan-made textiles and wallpaper and I've had this beautiful Orange Grove pattern by Danika Herrick in my favorites for some time. I couldn't be happier with the result! We were able to trim the pink part of the pattern to extend it around the window wall as well, which was perfect since we planned to color match and paint that wall.

I'm still debating on whether to add the matching curtain panels since we definitely need a light-blocking solution in here. Unfortunately, the green desk which is the perfect color and scale for this space was out of stock so we're waiting to install it before deciding on the window treatment, since the desk will be placed in front of the window. This pattern on pattern design is making a serious case for adding the panels though!

Shevy made this sweet artwork in pre-school and it couldn't be more perfect! Other than that and a few of her sun hats hanging on the closet door, I didn't want to overwhelm the patterned space with more artwork.

At the end of the day, we might still not have a 100% completed space, but we did accomplish our main goal, which was to create a magical and whimsical room for a special 5 year old. She's so proud of her room and loves being part of the design process! And that's truly the reason we do what we do!



Be sure to check out the final reveals of the other One Room Challenge participants here!

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