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One Room Challenge - Week One

Updated: May 27, 2021

For weeks on end, I've been deliberating on the One Room Challenge. The bi-annual challenge brings together a supportive community of talented designers to transform a room or space within 8 weeks. The last (and only) time I tried it was last fall 2019, and by the time Reveal Week rolled around I had a week old baby instead of a completed space to show for myself. This time around, I was planning to do our dining room, but again, things just weren't lining up. I was stressing about finding the perfect Danish teak dining chairs and light fixture, our go-to handyman was out of town, and then I came to the conclusion that just completing the room for the sake of the deadline wouldn't be worth it. The feeling of finding just the right piece is so much better in the long run. So here we are, still without chairs after I sold our Anthropologie set a couple weeks ago.

At the same time, we've been rearranging the way we use our space upstairs. When we first moved into this house over two years ago, our two kids shared a room, and we had two spare bedrooms upstairs. In fact, we rarely even ventured to one side of the house, and even downstairs usually only migrated from the family room to the kitchen and back. Since then, we've sprawled out a bit, and had a new addition. So Sheva now shares a room with baby brother, but since she just turned five, she's been wanting a space of her own. So we decided to turn the guest bedroom into her room, and converting the garage into a guesthouse/studio is on our wishlist now.

So, long story short, we will be spending the next 8 weeks turning the guest room into a magical space for a little girl to call her own. The main challenge I think will be the small space, the room is only 10 x 12 ft. But I love the feel of cozy jewel box spaces, so I'm hopeful it will turn out beautifully!



ORC Fall 2019 with an unfinished space but a perfect new baby

The current space used as a small guest bedroom

That's all for today, check back next week for our progress! And of course follow along on Instagram @estiekessler for all my updates. Also, check out the other designers HERE or click the ORC Logo below, there is a lot to catch up on. See you next week!


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