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One Year Update: Our Baby Favorites

It seems like I was just typing out our Three Month Baby Favorites, and already we're celebrating our #littlebabyyosele's first birthday. Since we celebrate both Hebrew and English birthdays, celebrations tend to get stretched to a month long around here. We had a fun day of ice cream (Pressed Juicery finally arrived in Houston!) and indoor play at Wonderwild on Gimmel Cheshvan, and we marked the big day yesterday with a visit to the Color Factory. Since it's overwhelming to open all the presents at once, we're spreading them out and continuing the celebration throughout the week since my family will be in town.

There are many smaller items I didn't include here, or items baby boy loves that were passed down from his older siblings, but these are the tried and true things we use on a daily basis. Drop a comment with your favorite baby items below, I'd love to know what must haves you have in your home!





One of the main transitions is that baby boy no longer sleeps in our room. While we loved our sweet rattan bassinet, once he grew out of it we transferred him to his crib in the nursery. It was passed down from Sheva and I still love its minimalist lines and great price point.

We stick to the waves sound, but there are over 20 sound options, including lullaby tones that Sheva likes to listen to. I also like the timer options on it.

We've used these for all of our kids, and there's something about the soft muslin and silky border that they find so comforting. They come in a pack of two which is handy when one's in the wash or lost.

I like to keep a few on hand in a little basket by the crib for middle of the night feedings when it's hard to start searching under the crib, or for diaper change distractions.



Kovi has been doing most of the carrying this time around, and he prefers our Baby Bjorn One Air. It's lightweight and definitely a comfortable option for a forward facing carry. When it's up to me, it's between my Solly wrap and my Wildbird sling -- usually it depends on my outfit.



We are still nursing, usually in the morning, after naps, and at night, but Yosele has been loving discovering new foods. I love how our Micuna Ovo highchair complements our space. It really does bring me joy to look at it every day, and provides a comfortable spot for baby boy to join us at mealtimes.

We decided to try glass bottles this time around for their hygienic properties, and the fun colors are a bonus too.



The neutral design compliments our home, and baby boy enjoyed using the gym both lying down and sitting up. It's also very easy to store!

I like the soft neutral colors and the variety of activities built in, and there's a small snack compartment perfect for munching on puffs during play.



Honestly (ha!) whenever we forget to use one, he wakes up wet in the middle of the night so it's been such a great solution for us.

I love how this seagrass baskets adds texture in the nursery. Once he grows out of it, it can be used as a cute toy storage basket.

When it comes to diaper pails, less is more. I also like the variety of color options they offer!



We recently upgraded our Boon Soak baby bath to a larger tub. Nothing beats IKEA when it comes to size and price here!


Toys and Books

Cuddle + Kind makes the sweetest handmade knit dolls, its hard not to choose a few. 10 meals are donated for every doll sold.

I love introducing baby to modern design elements while looking at the colorful pictures. And he loves pointing out all the "meow meows" in the pages.

The prettiest blocks! I love how multi-functional these are, good for teething, stacking, counting, and sorting.

Each play kit is developmentally age appropriate and comes with Montessori-inspired toys such as this rainbow drum baby boy loves to spin.


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