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Our Nursery Reveal

Our nursery is ready! Just in time for our summer migration to California ;) It feels like baby Yosef was just born but it's already been a few months since he's been out of his sweet woven bassinet in our room. And while our older kids were happy sharing a room, once Sheva was out of her crib there wasn't a good way to position a twin size bed in that space. So we decided to create a shared room for Sheva to share with Yosef.

But if you've ever thought you can make one change and call it a day, you know what a domino effect that tends to trigger. So since moving the crib out created extra space in Mendel's room we made it more of a playroom (enter teepee and drum kit) and the downstairs playroom transitioned into more of a family room...but more on that later! The challenge was combining a twin and a crib in one relatively small space and making it neutral enough for a boy and girl to share. Later on the boys will probably share a room but for now this works well for us. I'm sure this is something many families face so feel free to adapt this design to your own needs!


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