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Style Notes: The Summer Edit

As each season arrives, we see trends come and go as they leave their mark on our collective style. However, 2020 may be unprecedented in that all the style forecasts went out the window the day we received instructions to shelter at home for the unforeseeable future. Bras suddenly became unnecessary and large totes irrelevant; how many of us first went through an "elastic waistband everything" phase, followed by an "athleisure" stint, before finding a new normal where comfort rules above all? And throughout this metamorphosis. 90s influences divulge the reminiscing of millennial designers who were grew up in the simpler and more hopeful times of a generation that was told it can do anything.

The only difference is that we have the ability to harness that nostalgia into actionable change, or at the very least a fashion statement, all with PayPal and minus the long dial up noise. Let's dive in:


1. Puff Sleeves

The tailored shoulder pads of the 90s are loosened into voluminous puff sleeves today in both dresses and blouses, and often go hand in hand with a square neckline and ruched details.

These overly feminine pieces can be kept formal, which scrappy sandals and a beaded bag, or can go rogue with a pair of sneakers.

2. Belt Bags

Don't be deceived; the sophisticated sounding term is just another term for the humble fanny pack. Aside from being a fashion statement and throw back to the late eighties and nineties, it's also a convenient way to have your phone at arm's reach in lieu of a bulky tote.

3. Crochet Trend

This trend is a riff on the arts and crafts movement, and encompasses crochet and various woven motifs. Crocheted swimsuits, delicate raffia woven sandals, and of course the quintessential bucket bag are all part of this family.


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