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Summer Travel With the New Ergobaby Metro+ Stroller

This post is in partnership with Ergobaby.

summer travel Ergobaby lightweight stroller

Like many, summers mean a lot of travel for us. While this is the third year since we made the move from LA to Houston, we still spend the summers in California, enjoying family time and the nicer weather. This summer was a little different since we started off on the East Coast, spending a week in New York for my sister in law’s wedding before heading back west. With the majority of our family here in LA, there’s always something going on when we’re in town, and we definitely feel like we’re out and about more often. And knowing that we have smaller local trips planned as well as a Cancun trip scheduled later in August, we knew we wanted a super compact but comfortable stroller we could easily bring along everywhere so we were really excited to partner with one of our favorite baby brands on the new Ergobaby Metro+ Stroller.

Lightweight compact Ergobaby travel stroller

Baby in lightweight compact Ergobaby travel stroller

The other day, we took Yosef out for a test run. As soon as we told him we’re going for a walk in the stroller he yelled “strollaa!” and dropped what he was doing to run to the door, which is kind of amazing since he’s in the independent stage where he insists on everything happening on his own terms. After a little bit of window shopping and a banana smoothie, (which spilled but thankfully wiped off without a trace!) he was ready to go into full recline mode and take a nap while it was our turn to shop. The sunshade provides full coverage from the sun, which is perfect in sunny southern California.

The Ergobaby Metro+ Stroller is hands down the most comfortable compact stroller I’ve seen. I love how plushy the padded seat is, and the fact that it fully reclineswith the true flat recline and adjustable leg restfor naps on the go, but also folds up small enough to fit in the overhead bins on flights. It literally feels like some kind of optical illusion to see it go fromunfolded to fully compact in one click. It’s also super narrow and easily maneuverable with one hand, which is important when we’re navigating with other young children, baggage, etc.

What I’ve been learning lately is sometimes it’s the little things that make all the difference, and our new Ergobaby Metro+ Stroller is already enhancing our summer vacation in so many ways. When you don’t have to worry about bulky strollers not fitting through tight places orgetting stuck while trying to fold them up and manage a wriggling toddler, life just becomes so much easier.

This post is in partnership with Ergobaby but all opinions are my own as always.




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