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Fall Refresh: Updating Your Front Door

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If you've been following along on Instagram, you know what a sensitive topic we've touched upon regarding seasonal front door decor! My inbox has been flooded with all from complete disapproval (shock?!) to enthusiasm for using pumpkins as decor for a Jewish home. To be honest, I'm definitely a bit surprised at how strongly pop culture has affected many into immediately associating pumpkins with Halloween. I think we all know that what I'm referring to is not the bright orange, perfectly round, spooky carved specimen, but the heirloom variety; naturally imperfect and ranging in color from white to taupe to rose to pale green.

One of the authoritative texts on Chassidic philosophy, The Tanya teaches us that the garments of the soul are thought, speech, and action. If the idea of embracing the seasonal changes we experience, and wanting to lean into the coziness the harvest season brings manifests itself in using the traditional fall crop of pumpkins and gourds (which happen to be gorgeous!), that has nothing to do with associating it with a Hallmark holiday that you've seen in a few movies. I'm sure we've all seen pictures of children in Chareidi neighborhoods dressed in red and white outfits on Purim. Just because Coca Cola monetized on creating a pop culture icon doesn't mean we have to subscribe to it. Of course, my comparison is extreme, but the point is that Hashem gave us the gift of seasons that mark each chapter of the annual cycle, how amazing!

Long story short, a new season is the perfect time to refresh our homes, and the exterior is all too often overlooked. It's our home's first impression after all! Something as simple and inexpensive as a splash of paint on the front door, a door knocker (or even a wreath-- dare we go there??), fresh address numbers, and a few planters (and gourds haha) can completely change the appearance of your front porch. I've rounded up some of my favorites from around the web here with everything you need to up your home's curb appeal!




One//Autmn Bounty

Two//Moody Cottage

Three//Green Machine

Four//Preppy Polished

Five//Chelsea Townhouse

Which front door style is your favorite? Drop a comment below!


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