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If there's one thing that's clear, it is the importance of home. More than ever before, our homes have become a shelter and safe haven against the unpredictable forces beyond them. At the same time, our homes form the backdrop to the story we are telling, and serve as our personal reflection to the outside world.

Jewish wisdom has long placed importance on the home as the heartbeat of Jewish life.

My vision for this space is to celebrate all things home, as always, but also to expand my digital home as a place to find inspiration for effortlessly elevated living, everyday.   


Initially trained in journalism and literature, my mantra was edit, then edit some more. I quickly realized that this translates to interior design and life at large, which is why curating a beautiful lifestyle is so important. In a world where life can quickly become a blur, small rituals, meaningful objects, and loved ones surrounding you is what cultivates fulfillment. Want better, not more.

Whether in our bungalow by the sea, or halfway across the country in our brick house with the blue shutters, it's the details that create a comfortable home for making memories in. As our family grows and our needs change, this is where we'll share the ways in which we're elevating the everyday, and hope you'll join us along the way.

This blog has quickly grown from a lifestyle journal to a source of inspiration and community. Pull up a seat, welcome to my abode.




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