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Nothing is cozier than a dining nook, but built ins are a costly addition and often take a lengthy process. If you're looking to create a cozy seating solution for a fraction of the cost and time, you can do so using free standing pieces relatively easily. Once you've accessorized with layers of textiles (pillows, throws, window treatments), and color (paint or wallpaper), it's almost hard to tell the difference.

The use of bold wallpaper highlights the bright white cabinetry in this version, and keep it from looking washed out. The window anchors the composition here, but it's not mandatory for a cozy nook.

Here, the window is to the side of the banquette, which allows for a statement art piece to be installed overhead instead. I love the graphic black and white ikat pattern the banquette is upholstered in!

Aside from creating a serious hygge factor, banquette/cabinet combo makes a great storage and display option. In the style board below, I went with a farmhouse feel that's cozy and intimate but still refined. I opted for a whimsical foliage inspired wallpaper to bring in some texture and color, and highlighted the space with black and white and mustard mudcloth pillows.




TOP, L-R: Rug, Chairs, Pillow

MIDDLE, L-R: Pillow, Bench, Table


What about you, do you prefer a dining banquette or traditional chairs around the dining table? I'd love to hear your thoughts below!

Happy weekend!




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