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Artist Spotlight: Lucien Dulfan

Angelic. 65 x 59, acrylic on canvas.

One of the most significant investments we can make to our home is investing in art. Too often, art is an afterthought in the interior design process, and though a quick browse through an online print shop does the job to fill an empty space on a budget, as our appreciation for the finer things increases (hopefully in proportion with our budget!), an original piece of art that holds meaning becomes more and more endearing.

In a Jewish home, there is yet another layer of complexity, as we often desire our most prized possessions to be an outward display of our values and cultural heritage. However, type in 'Judaic art' in a search engine, and you'll likely be flooded with blue and white Magen Davids and other cliches that may not align with your home's aesthetic. Like a diamond in the rough, discovering Jewish fine art that speaks to the well-curated home may be challenging, although there is an amazing array of emerging artists waiting to be found if you look hard enough.

Arguably one of the most influential Jewish artists of our generation, Lucien Dulfan is a Soviet-born surrealistic conceptual artist whose art encompasses the struggles of life under Communist Russia. Dulfan graduated from the Odessa State Art Academy in 1963, and was awarded the highly prestigious First Prize for painting by the USSR Ministry of Culture and the Union of Soviet Artists in 1977, despite being considered a Nonconformist artist throughout his career in the USSR. Lucien Dulfan has participated in 141 exhibitions, including 109 international shows and 40 solo exhibitions worldwide. Dulfan’s paintings reflect the boundless energy, originality and passion of the artist’s own personality. In the artist's own words, “My art is dramatic, bold and uncompromising: I paint the very interesting human story through the filters of my dreams and subconscious.” With gorgeous colors applied in forceful brush strokes, each of Dulfan’s pieces is a rich tableau which invites the viewer to return again and again to gaze and discover more of the secrets held within. Enjoy!

Shabbat shalom!




Change. 24" x 18," acrylic on canvas

Arise. 38" x 28," acrylic on canvas. 1988

Faith. 28" x 22," acrylic on canvas

Celebration. 34" x 22," acrylic on canvas

Old Glory. 28" x 22," acrylic on canvas

The Art of Music. 57.5" x 40," acrylic on canvas

Wisdom. 53.5" x 35.5," acrylic on canvas

The Time is Now. 22" x 23," acrylic on canvas

State of Affairs, 22" x 23," acrylic on canvas


To view the full collection or for pricing inquire here.


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