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We're still halfway through through winter, but I'm starting to crave the warmer days and fresh blooms that spring brings. Granted, the LA winter is anything but a snow-filled wonderland, but it's still definitely cold. Hands down, my favorite finishing touch to any space is fresh greenery -- the more the merrier! Whether it's a large-scale potted plant, a hanging plant, or even a vase full of fresh cuttings, there is no better way to inject some vibrant energy into a space than by bringing a bit of the outdoors in! All at once, the space becomes dynamic, cozy, and fresh. Now the only trick is to keep it alive...

Via Lauren Conrad

Once you have the correct (read: easiest) plants on lock down, the next step that will really improve your plant parenting skills is to have an aesthetically pleasing planter. Really! In addition to being art for your space, it helps when you really enjoy something you're tending for. Here are some of my favorite planters right now:


1. Iris Planter 2. Mid Century Turned Wood Leg Planter 3. Wise Egg Planter 4. Clay Pot Planter 5. Art In The Forest Cachepots 6. Palacek Nova 7. Cement Planter With Stand 8. Case Study Ceramic Hex Wood Stand 9. Elevado Centerpiece Bowl


1. Glazed Abstract Pot 2. Secret Garden Cache Pot 3. Sulli Light Pink Planter 4. Eyes Shut Hanging Planter 5. Glazed Ombre Planter 6. Ashok Round Ceramic Hanging Planter 7. Bubble Navy Blue Planter 8. Lavender Pot 9. Waterloo Pot


1. Basket Planters 2. La Jolla Basket 3. Calista Tote Basket 4. Woven Pindot Basket 5. Ashanti Tote Basket 6. Ace Natural Basket 7. Abaca Fringe Basket 8. Large Dipped Belly Basket 9. Graphic Printed Oversized Basket


What do you prefer, a traditional planter, or do you like to change things up by using a basket or hanging planters from the ceiling? I'd love to hear from you!



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