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Hi everyone! Supposedly spring is in the air, but we've been experiencing unusually chilly temperatures here in southern California, and showers this week! This week was so hectic -- yesterday was the holiday of Purim, filled with costumes, parties, and fun all around (see more on Instagram) and today there's a million things to do because we're leaving for New York tomorrow! If you recall, I shared about our last New York trip a few months ago, and the big wedding has finally come! It took some serious coordinating to make sure everyone's outfits fit the color scheme but all's set and done now and it will soon be time to party! Can't wait to share with you all. In the meantime, here are some of my favorite things to read, shop, and do this weekend!


1. Ready for the Oscars? These printable ballot cards are so fun!

2. The 7 best sun-soaked travel destinations. I've been to the top three, time to hit up the rest!

3. I posted a visual diary of my day at Modernism Week in Palm Springs, plus some 90's nostalgia about growing up in Hollywood.

4. I made my first chili and cornbread jars for Purim gifts - they came out so good!

5. We finished season 1 of Victoria, it was everything and more! Can't wait to dive into season 2.

6. The white kitchen trend is still going strong, and it's no surprise why.

7. I loved seeing the beautiful Carla Bruni in concert last week, and I've had this song on repeat ever since.

8. I will never tire of a good stripe, and the soft cashmere makes this sweater such a winner!

9. I am somewhat of a hearty soup connoisseur, if I say so myself. Check out some of my cold-weather faves!

10. It's waayyy to early to start thinking about furniture for the new house (still in permit phase), but this canopy bed caught my eye.





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