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One Room Challenge: Week 3

Updated: Apr 2, 2020

Fall One Room Challenge

Well, another week has flown by, this time with the holiday of Sukkot taking center stage. If you're not familiar, Sukkot is a fall harvest festival that commemorates the Jewish nation's journey through the desert en route to Israel. It's my favorite holiday since I love spending time in the sukka (the temporary dwelling commemorating the Hebrews traveling huts in the desert) and dining al fresco for a week. It also happens to be Mendel's birthday on the first day of Sukkot, making it even more special for our family!

Anyways, back to the add to the challenge, we encountered our first "hiccup" this week, with our cabinetry guy not being available for the next few weeks. I'm working on a backup solution, and also keeping my eyes peeled for a piano, so far no luck! I'm confident everything will pull through in the end though...right?!

Fall One Room Challenge

I'm so excited to have a cozy music room for our family to gather in. Although I did take violin lessons growing up, I would place myself more in the "music appreciation" camp, whereas my husband Kovi is quite a talented musician, being self-taught in piano and guitar. In our old home, I surprised him with a piano for his birthday one year but it wasn't worth moving it from LA here to Houston, so I'm on the search again. Apart from the piano, I'm planning on hanging his guitars on the wall -- I love how it makes for a cool display and also eliminates floor clutter. And we're also planning on adding a record player here. Again, we had one in our previous home that we didn't bring with us and I miss spinning vinyl! In the meantime, I've been loving all the music room inspiration I've been sifting through, here are some of my favorites:

Music room

Via Juniper Home

Music room

Via French By Design

Music room

Via Urban Outfitters

Via Emily Henderson

Via Cottages & Gardens


That's it for now! See you next Thursday here for the next progress post, and be sure to follow along on Instagram for up to the minute updates :) I've also been loving following the featured designers' and other guest designers' transformations as well! See you next week!

One Room Challenge



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