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Milestones: Our Baby's Bris

Updated: Apr 2, 2020


The hardest part about having a baby boy is planning a party one week after childbirth, and not knowing about it until the day he's born (since we didn't find out the gender). When Mendel was born, we went to town with a catered event at our synagogue, and honestly it was a bit overwhelming. This time around we wanted a more intimate event, especially since it had to be early in the day since it was a Friday and Shabbat comes in early this time of the year. We planned for a morning brunch in our home, which was so nice since we didn't have to schlep the baby anywhere, and were just more comfortable overall in our own environment.

Keeping things relatively simple made the whole transition back into newborn life so much smoother, and it was a huge relief to be able to order an amazing spread through Harry & David. We kept to a rustic palette of dried lavender and fresh eucalyptus and baby's breath, and white serving ware to let the food speak for itself. I had used Harry & David for gift baskets in the past, but to be honest I had no idea they carried an entire selection of kosher gourmet foods! Whether you're looking for a side dish or dessert for a holiday potluck, or an entire spread, there are so many options to choose from from Harry & David Gourmet.

To appeal to all tastes, I ordered a balance of sweet and savory options. The smoked salmon sampler was a huge hit, being a riff on the traditional lox. I also ordered the dried fruit and nut platter, a party staple made for noshing, and a sampler box packed with all sorts of delicious gourmet products such as clover honey, strawberry preserves, and creme brûlée coffee. I couldn't complete my order without adding a classic Harry & David fruit box -- it's really a mystery to me how their pears are always amazingly sweet and come perfectly ripe!

I think the party was a success overall, everyone seemed to enjoy themselves and I received many compliments on the spread -- the biggest indicator was all the empty platters at the end of the event! Afterwards, Kovi and I were talking about how amazing it is that such a tiny little being has already created such a stir in our lives and our entire community! I'm so glad we got some special shots of the big day to share with baby boy when he gets older.


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