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3 Month Update: Our Baby Favorites

Updated: Apr 2, 2020

And just like that, Baby Yosele is 3 months old! They say that things get a lot easier three months in (once the fourth trimester is over), but I can honestly say this time around has been really good. I remember being overwhelmed with newborn life with Mendel and thinking life will never be the same, and then with Sheva being consumed with having two under two at home by myself most of the time. By now, I know how fleeting those newborn days are and am so much more appreciative and present for them. Plus it helps that he is the sweetest little babe and a great eater.

Since this is the third time around for us, I've gotten pretty good at knowing what we actually need for the baby, especially since I don't allow baby gear to compromise my home's aesthetic. Funny but true! I really don't find neon colored plastic cute so looks like my kids will have to suffer the effects of an under-stimulated mind. I'm by no means a baby gear reviewer and just sharing what's worked for us. If you're in the market for baby stuff, I hope you find this roundup helpful!



Pop Ya Tot - the most beautiful swaddles!

SwaddleMe - the velcro fasteners are great for middle of the night changes


Maxi Cosi carseat - compatible with our Quinny Moodd!

Our IKEA play mat is no longer available but this one's cute too!



Little Unicorn washcloths (we also started using their their bandana bibs recently)


A large part of my kids' wardrobe is from Zara and H&M because of how easy it is to order and get high quality organic cotton clothing that's cute and very affordable. But here are the small shops I also like to shop from:

That's what we've been using and loving so far! I'll do another update around 6 months with crib, crib bedding, high chair, feeding things, and toys once we're using those things! Let me know in the comments section if I'm missing anything or if you have any favorite products I should know about!




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