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A Simple Seder for Two

Why is this year different from all other years? For one thing, many of us will be having Passover seders with just our immediate families, and for many of us it's the first time making Pesach. To find that perfect balance between overwhelming ourselves with intricate recipes that require lots of prep work only to be shot down by highly discerning 5 year old food critics, and just resorting to eating matzah with cream cheese for a week straight, I called upon Sara Gee of Thymely Eats to show us how it's done.

A rising star on the Brooklyn foodie scene, Sara incorporates the bright flavors of her Colombian upbringing in her colorful and flavor-centric home cooking. Come for the expertly layered flavor profiles, stay for the clever re-purposing of ingredients as she creates gourmet meals on the nightly. Spoiler alert: don't be fooled by her sometimes dormant Instagram account, the stories are where the party's at ;)

The tools we're working with are minimal. Just a stove top and basics. No ovens, food processor, sous vide, immersion blender, mandoline, or any crap that I don't have room to store once this is all over.


Follow @thymelyeats for mouth-watering recipes from Sara's Brooklyn kitchen year-round! Have more good ideas for this year's Passover menu? Share the love and drop them below!




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