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One Room Challenge: Week Six

botanical wallpaper rattan furniture childrens room interior design

Now that we have the more labor intensive aspects of the space completed (here's looking at you, peel and stick wallpaper!), we are focusing on the anchoring pieces in this space. The bed we had previously was a great fit here, and the bamboo frame added nice contrast to the whimsical forest scenery, as well as healthy dose of texture. In fact, I tend to not view a space as complete without some element of bamboo, rattan, jute, or a similar natural material.

In addition to the bed, we are also using bamboo Roman shades. For a while, I was leaning towards doing full curtains in the matching Citrus Grove pattern - I love the custom look of tone on tone! However, there were a few points to consider:

  • We have an existing canopy that Sheva loves and complements the space, and the small space would be overwhelmed with both types of drapery.

  • The only area where a desk would fit is in front of the window, and it would be annoying to open and close the curtains with a desk there. Side note: if you've been following along in stories, you saw my failed attempt to get the desk - it's unavailable until September!

Plus, I like how the bamboo shades look in there. However, they are semi-sheer and this room gets lots of light verrry early in the morning, so we are going to be either adding lining or swapping to a black-out version asap.

One final note on rattan and bamboo: although it is undeniably having a design "moment," it is still a timeless material, and works seamlessly across design styles. I definitely view it as an integral part of the design equation for achieving a well-balanced space (along with wood, something soft, something stone, and some texture), whether used in small doses or statement pieces. Keep scrolling for some of my favorite rattan, bamboo, and jute pieces.

That's all for today, check back next week for our progress! And of course follow along on Instagram @estiekessler for all my updates. Also, check out the other designers HERE or click the ORC Logo below, there is a lot to catch up on. See you next week!




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